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The forgotten glory, the first full biography of major general, Baron of the Empire Pierre Thouvenot (Toul, 1757 - Orly,1817) comes out in Edhisto-éditions. His life was a real novel of adventure begun in the Mexico Gulf war of independence of the United States and completed under the fortifications of Bayonne in 1815. It received on March 19th, 2013, at the time of a brilliant ceremony at the Military academy in Paris, the Price Robert-Joseph of the association of Veterans Affairs Writers which rewards a work having put " in value a hero of our Wars". The author succeeds the prize list of this Price to the General Jean-Claude Lafourcade.

* Bivouacs in maya country, a travel book illustrated that the author has filled in the peninsula of Yucatan to the Mexico, the Guatemala and the Honduras, just be edited to the Presses du Midi.


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