My recent trips

If the Amazon forest remains a preferred destination for his first stay in 1956-1957 for Daniel Thouvenot, discovery, with his wife Michele, other parts of the world, is always a delight. From islands of Cape Verde to the Argentina, passing through the Brazil ; Middle Eastern countries Maya, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, via Cuba and Jamaica ; Yang-Tse-Kiang to the great wall, through the Millennium China ; Everglades, Florida, to the forests of New-Scotland to the Canada,  there is always room for a great human adventure...

En PalestineTulumCubaSahu-ApéRépublique DominicaineLe Yang-TséHondurasChichen Itza MexiqueJamaiquePékin, place Tien-AmnenChine, la Grande MurailleManausRio, le Corcovado


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