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Scripta - 2004 - 20 euros

« This tragedy of the Maufrais, Daniel Thouvenot the tells of a precious testimony as a single story, critically orderly, with just what it takes filmgoers meat » (Nice-Matin)

« Daniel Thouvenot book us, with « Guyana, The Passion of the Maufrais », exceptional testimony » (Var-Matin)

« This experience story reads like a poignant novel » (La Voix du Combattant)

« Rare are those who have accompanied Edgar Maufrais in his research. Daniel Thouvenot was one of them » (La Semaine Guyanaise)


La Bruyère - 2007- 15 euros

« This novel is not only realistic taste, inspired more than imagined, but it draws its strength from a emotional and simple human." Be browsing a trait » (Nice-Matin)

« Pierre et Mathilde bounce under pen nerve and effective enemy redundant redundancy er writer, and instead - professional deformation oblige - conscious of the right word and the simplicity » (Var-Matin)

Crimes et BâtimentsCRIMES and BUILDINGS

Les Presses du Midi  - 2008, 20 euros

« This could be the scenario of one of these summer series that occupy programs of the small screen." Unless it was for a polar authors multiply winks to pass disturbing truths. (Le Républicain Lorrain)

« Authors introduce us skillfully at heart from the investigation of the Chief Commissioner Thomas, Slayer of thugs, be they seconds knives, notable or caïds » (La Voix du Combattant)

« Fire, murders, corruption, crime of passion, mafias of southern and Eastern political and notable, gangs of real estate: all the makings of a beautiful novel keys are gathered together." This polar under palm trees also refers to its studies more than a bad bestseller » (Nice-Matin)

« An exciting polar keeps you excited until the last » (Le Dauphiné)

« Written four hands in journalistic style, this novel key decrypts as a set of runway and reads of a traite » (Var-Matin)


Les Presses du Midi - 2009, 18 euros

« Daniel Thouvenot returned in Amazonia, and was able to measure the devastation caused by the massive exploitation of forest resources. He came back with this beautiful roman warmly recommended the lecture » (Nice-Matin)

« In this book the author remembers his own expeditions in search of Explorer Raymond Maufrais, accompanied by his father Edgar » (France-Guyane Magazine)

« The new novel by Daniel Thouvenot takes back us in his Explorer memories". In the vein of adventures of the XIX th century novels, this exciting trip mixes fiction and reality. Advocacy for Amerindian populations, A gold award is also a story of love. » (Var-Matin)

Amazonie, l'enfer en partageAMAZON, HELL IN SHARING

Les Presses du Midi - 2010, 19 euros

«  The author tells the epic with sincerity and passion. A story for anyone who remembers but also and especially the youth » (La Gazette Lorraine)

« A true testament, because the author, journalist, participated in two twenty-four shipments of Edgar Maufrais looking for his son, whose longest in 1956 - 1957 » (France-Guyane)

« This quest with accents of ancient tragedy had taken in breath media from around the world." This story, Daniel Thouvenot the knows better than person » (Var-Matin)

The forgotten gloryTHE FORGOTTEN GLORY

Edhisto-éditions, 2011, 19 euros

« The book prefaced by General Alain Petiot is also a rehabilitation which historians have often confused with its brother » (La Voix du Combattant)

« This book traces both the life of a man and a great page of our story » (La Gazette lorraine)

« Daniel Thouvenot, by his writing style and the bias of his story, built the book as a novel of adventures » (Le Républicain Lorrain)

« It follow with curiosity, otherwise with passion, the story of a busy life, honour and the fidelity » (Le Pays Lorrain)

« ... The first biography of this General Lorraine has been published." Literary output as to repair this oubli » (Vosges-Matin)

« What remains now the brave General? A fiction book that will make representative » (L'Est Républicain)

Bivouacs in Mayan countryBIVOUACS IN MAYAN COUNTRY

Les Presses du Midi, 2011, 20 euros

« Tireless traveller, the author walks through the Mexico and the Guatemala for unlocking a few secrets of the mysterious and fascinating Mayan civilization." This is not an ethnologist book, nor a tourism pamphlet. Only a road map that was envy of sharing » (Var-Matin)


Les Presses du Midi, 2012, 22 euros

« Along Yangtsé involves us with discovered of China full with contrasts, and surprises. The author delivers his observations to us through scenes of the local life, and makes us starts from its astonishment, even its stupor, this attractive country. A notebook of trip which the amateurs of the kind will be able to appreciate. (Var-Matin)


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