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Lauteur En pays maya Of old Lorraine stump, Daniel Thouvenot was born on December 30th, 1937 in Nancy (Meurthe and Moselle). Having reprocessed since 1998, but not standing aside, it shares its life between the writing and trips au ends of the earth, at the end of quantity of photographs and few with books in future.

This proneness to discover new skylines does not date yesterday. In nineteen years it interrupts its studies which he will take back several years later, to get involved in an Odyssey which, in epoch, is a planetary ringing. It accompanies in Guyanese Amazon Edgar Maufrais who searches his son Raymond, young explorer disappeared in January, 1950. In the course of timeless expedition, it goes through on foot and in pirogue of the hundreds of kilometers in the unknown or the few known of Oyapock (border side Brazil) in Maroni (border side Surinam) by the track of Emeri llons between August 5th and December 24th, 1956. With four Indian Emerillons, in the steps of Edgar, it explores high - Camopi and two of its unknown affluents in epoch, Mounts-Belvederes and Saint-Marcel, and the Shy Cove, takes back up the Big, then Small Tamouri. Circumstances force it to participate in an operation survival which sees for the first time two Europeans remaining the ONLY in jungle to accomplish, first the exploration of the Tabular Summit (between September 16th and November 7th, 1956): : then, the descent of Tamouri on board of an Indian pirogue maneuvered in paddles her (between 16 and on November 28th). In spring on 1957, Daniel is beside Edgar Maufrais once again to attract with four Indian Oyampis, at the height of the season of rains, the exploration of the river Yaroupi, tumultuous affluent of Oyapock. An adventure that made him one of the youngest, if not the youngest French Explorer of the 20th century. 

Back to France to perform his military duties it is first called Germany and sent in Algeria, where it fights in Constantinois. Released in the summer 1960, he returned to metropolis and began a career as a journalist Est Republicain. It continues the daily Nice-Matin and collaborates in A.F.P and Associated Press.

Retired in 1998, he was struck by a cancer in 2003. His fight against the disease he inspires first novel as he suggested him to return to his first loves. He multiplies travel Mariner and especially in November-December 2008, he returned his exploits of youth field: he sailed for the Brazil and hand breathe the smell of the Amazonian forest haunting for fifty years. He sailed on the Jari, the Tapajoz, and the Amazon to Manaus, to go up the rio Negro to a village of Indians Sateré-Mawé. In 2009, it is in the Middle East, beginning 2010 in country Maya, and the Mexico, the Guatemala and the Honduras in particular.

On the occasion of a trip in China, he goes back up the Yangtze of Shanghai to Chongqing. A little later, he discovered the East-coast of the United States, from Florida of the Canadian border he crossed to arrive to Halifax, in New-Scotland.

Daniel Thouvenot is French member of the explorer's society, of the society of people of letters, and the association of Veterans Affairs writers.


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